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Biography: Dr Ermine Stewart

Bishop Stewart was born in Westmoreland, Jamaica, West Indies to Beresford & Alice Stewart, one of four children, only one being a girl! Here he received his foundational education, and then at twenty years old he went to the city Kingston to find work.

Approximately three months after this, he was invited to Church of the First Born, in Jones Town by Sister Snape, where he came face to face with Jesus Christ, and his entire life was revolutionized. Immediately, he ’linked’ up with older believers, who were on their way to heaven, and became totally involved with every outreach of the assembly. He served faithfully under the late Dr. F.S. Bent, who recognized the call on his life, and he was trained and sent out to pastor a church at Coleyville, in 1956.

He married his dear wife Mary, and the union has produced three beautiful children: Dwen, Donnamay and Wayne.

He has often stated, that ’preaching’ was not his choice of a vocation in life, but rather dentistry. In 1962, directed and led by God he migrated to London, England where he experienced a great outpouring of the Spirit of God during his eighteen (18)months stay.

In 1965, upon his return to Jamaica, Dr. Bent asked him to pastor two churches, and he continued to see the blessing of the Lord. The rest is history! He migrated to the United States in 1967, and the vision of establishing a branch of the Church of the First Born here, began to unfold, while he was in New Jersey. A short time later, he moved to new York where he worshipped at Good Hope Missionary Church, and was eventually asked to preach. Again, many were saved and baptized, with signs following. (Mark.16:15-17) His family soon joined him.

The Lord spoke again in 1971, and in May of that year, he immediately met with eight (8) people, explained his vision and they agreed to start with prayer meetings. The first Location was at 744 Dumont Avenue, Brooklyn; then Rev. Bent was the Guest Preacher! A branch was established in Toronto, Canada in 1974, and a group of brethren form New York started visiting Sister I. Grant’s home in Orange, New Jersey, for weekly prayer meetings. Eventually a branch was established there. The ministry was incorporated in 1977.

In March 1978 Bishop was led to start a branch in Miami, Florida. He stayed at the home of Bro. & Sister Gilbert, and this branch was also incorporated.

In 1982, God spoke again and Bishop obeyed. This time it was in Jamaica. With the help
of the brethren in New York, he purchased 500 chairs and a tent, and pitched it at a spot on Molynes Road, along with eight members and started a crusade. The growing church weathered many a storm. Today, an octagonal edifice stands there which was dedicated in 1996.

During this time, then Pastor Stewart was studying hard, and in 1984 graduated as Doctor of Theology from International Theological Seminary, in Van Nuys, California.In 1990, God sent Bishop to Watchwell, St. Elizabeth, where a church was already established, and pastured by Rev. Enrol Rowe. Bishop Stewart was asked to be Overseer, and currently a new edifice is almost completion.

In September 1991, the Lord directed Bishop to May Pen, Clarendon. After some weeks of Evangelistic Services, a church was established under another tent, with Rev. Nolton Gomez as pastor. It grew from strength to strength, and in July 1994, a beautiful edifice was dedicated. Minister Margaret Williamson is now at the helm.

In May 1993 Deacon Robinson, who relocated to Kissimmee, Florida, called Bishop and told him he was led to start in his home with prayer. The rest is history! Since then God has again blessed tremendously, and we purchased eleven and one half acres of land, with a building in which services are currently held. This same year, Rev. Ransford Hendricks became a part of the ministry. A new building is under construction. The Hour of Miracle began airing on May 8, blanketing the entire island. Many letters from all strata of society and varied denominations were received, telling of blessings and deliverances. AH glory be to God! Due to the standard of adorning seen on the Hour of Miracles Telecast, the late Pastor L. Stewart of Old Harbour in St. Catherine, was led to come under the covering of the ministry, turning over their almost completed building with property title and a resourceful congregation of two hundred. His wife Evangelist Stewart stands in the gap.

November 1995 was the beginning of yet another branch at Top Hill, St. Elizabeth, after four weeks of Evangelistic Services. A semi-permanent structure was erected and the first baptism of (12) twelve candidates was in January 1996. Pastor Errol Rowe oversees this branch, and it continues to grow.

In February 1998, under God’s direction, Bishop Stewart was led to rebuild a new Cathedral to the honor and glory God on the site of the old sanctuary at 965 Thomas S. Boyland Street. This was a very great undertaking; but God said His people would never be ashamed. (Joel 2:24) Dedication of this edifice was November 11,2001, without a mortgage! Praise the Lord!

As recent as August 2000, pastor Michael Johnson, Ottawa, Canada, came under the covering of Miracle Temple Ministries.

In attempting to conclude this profile , on this great man of God, I must state after working closely with him for the past 13+ years he teaches by living one, exemplary, Holy life. With his wealth of knowledge and years of experience, he is indeed a man of much God-given and acquired wisdom!

I dare say the best is yet to come, as he often implies when he testifies that he feels like Caleb who said ”Give me that mountain” (Num. 13:30) Truly he has been called and chosen; God has anointed with the five-fold ministry gifts, and appointed him to do this great work. (Eph. 4:11)

Your presence here this evening lends credence to your esteem of this Man of God! Looking back over the years, we can agree with the prophet Ezekiel, in chapter 33 v33...”That we know that we have a prophet among us.”

May God continue to richly bless you and the Ministry, He has entrusted to you!

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