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Miracle Temple Min....

General Overseer & Pastor : Bishop David Stewart

"Dear Beloved Saints, 

As we gather for MTM's 53rd annual convention, let us reflect on the timeless words penned by John Newton in 'Amazing Grace,' resonating deeply as we mark 53 years of ministry. (Through many dangers, toils, and snares, WE have already come;’Tis grace hath brought US safe thus far, And grace will lead US home).       In the wake of the pandemic, as churches rebuild, let our foundation be Christ-centered, tirelessly reaching the lost at any cost. Let us remember the past is history, the present inspires us with opportunity, and the future beckons us with boundless possibility.
May our theme “MOVING FORWARD “, embolden us as we navigate the path ahead, trusting in the Lord's divine direction and steadfast guidance. Together, let us forge onward, drawing strength from Jesus’s unwavering strength and obedience to his heavenly Father. 


Late Bishop & Founder, Dr. Ermine Stewart


Dear friends and love ones; the miracle continues. It began with 8 people in 1971 after I shared the burden of the vision God had placed in my spirit. This prompted us to start a prayer meeting resulting in our first location at 744 Dumont Ave, Brooklyn, NY. Souls were sweetly saved and the Spirit of God moved mightily.

We have experienced Romans 1:16 in action. The gospel of Jesus Christ is indeed "The power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth".  Wherever you are, whatever you are going through today know this, the power of God is real and you can experience it.  The greatest miracle is to see a life transformed by that power, and we have witnessed it. From New York our headquarters church to Canada, Florida and Jamaica the Lord has caused us to Grow to 10 locations, transforming lifes and hearing the testimony of those who have experienced it. The miracle continues. Come join us and be a part of the miracle. a warm welcome awaits you.

53rd General Convention NY May 19th-26th 2024

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